• L. V. Ponomarova
  • Yu. І. Chudnova
Keywords: term, terminological system, computer vocabulary, computer terminology, structure of computer terms


Nowadays more and more attention in linguistics is paid to the linguistic analysis of special vocabulary of various branches of knowledge. The terms explain various special concepts that form terminological systems. And each terminological system outlines the system of concepts of individual sciences, scientific directions, phenomena of different branches of knowledge. The article examines the structure and attempts to identify the classification features of terminology related to the field of computer technology in Russian and Ukrainian. A number of researches and views of scientists on the definition of “term”, “terminology”, “structure” are analyzed. The opinion of scientists who studied the translation of computer terms and covered the problems of terminology in general is taken into account. Modern works in the field of computer terminology are researched, thematic directions of computer vocabulary development are revealed and classified. The object of research is computer terminology, and the subject – the peculiarities of their structure and construction. The terms of both Slavic languages were classified according to the method of creation, ie morphological features, as well as according to the method of combining components, compared and certain conclusions were made. An attempt is made to outline the structural features of computer terms and word-forming processes in them in order to comprehensively study them in the Ukrainian and Russian languages. Simultaneous analysis of computer terms in Ukrainian and Russian revealed a significant number of borrowings of Latin origin or terms created on the basis of elements of Latin words. The analysis shows that most monosyllabic terms are formed by interlingual borrowings. A sign of today is also the use of computer terminology in oral speech, which leads to the formation of uncodified vocabulary with its own structure – computer jargon as a means of intercultural communication. It is noted that the process of borrowing from English continues, which characterizes the terminology in both Slavic languages with a high degree of internationalization. Based on the research of scientists, the basic principles of further development of computer terminology in both languages have been formulated.


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Ponomarova, L. V., & ChudnovaY. І. (2020). STRUCTURAL FEATURES OF THE COMPUTER TERMS OF THE UKRAINIAN AND RUSSIAN LANGUAGE. New Philology, 2(80), 140-144.