• L. N. Shapa
  • L. E. Tsapenko
  • T. I. Kudinova
Keywords: speech acts, text corpus, token, language means, extra linguistic factor, imperativeness


The article considers one of the problems of discourse science – various ways of presentation of information used in the texts of official discourse. The description of these methods became possible after the text corpora compilation was carried out on the basis of works that belong to the official discourse. The corpora include texts of the following genres: official correspondence, legal procedural documents, instructions for the operation of cars, formulas of inventions (patents). The total volume is 200 thousand tokens. The text corpora analysis has shown that almost all methods of data presentation are inherent to the official discourse: narration, reasoning, message, obligatory- prescriptive method, description, informing, etc. For the implementation of each method of presentation in the official style texts certain speech means are used which make it possible to fulfill the task of forming a particular method. For example, the characteristics inherent to the narrative manner of presentation have been discovered and described: the use of verbs in the past tense, subordinate sentences, direct word order, etc .; reasoning: the usage of the word “thus” which is a means of inter-phrase communication to ensure a logical sequence of reasoning, etc.; the obligatory-prescriptive method: the usage of verbs in the imperative mood, etc. It has been determined what specific methods of presentation are characteristic for different genres. So the texts of official correspondence genre and formulas of invention are characterized by such a way of presentation as description. In the texts of military documents the type of presentation is dictated by the purpose of the text, i.e. motivation for action especially for executive parts. Although there is an opinion among linguists that there is no imperativeness in the official discourse texts the materials of our text corpora indicate that it is the imperativeness that underlies certain genres of this discourse (for example, in the texts of instructions for the operation of cars). The results of the analysis of the text corpus of the official discourse genres allow us to assert that official discourse is characterized by all types of presentation depending on the genre, type of text and its parts.


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Shapa, L. N., Tsapenko, L. E., & Kudinova, T. I. (2020). THE NOMENCLATURE OF WAYS OF PRESENTATION IN THE TEXTS OF OFFICIAL DISCOURSE GENRES. New Philology, 2(80), 315-319.