• O. V. Sokolova
Keywords: speech, repetition, parcelling, parentheses, political communication


The article interprets the term text of a public speech as a social action of the subject, which formulates its communicative intentions according to the situation and sociocultural conditions of communication and to the general strategy of language behavior and tactics of interaction with the recipient. The current state of the linguistic paradigm is characterized by an anthropocentric approach. The essence of this approach is to address the role of a man in generation and in the process of perception of a language. The special role is played by the identification and study of the most effective expressions of optimizing of the verbal influence on the listener. That is a significant contribution to the development of speech culture and political communication. The article argues that the dynamics of social development entails changes in the field of political communication and constantly makes new demands on language. A new field is being created for the formation of relations between the state and society, between politicians and citizens. In the context of such shifts, not only the linguistic analysis of Merkel’s public speeches as a separate genre of political discourse comes to the fore, but also the analysis of the sociopolitical circumstances. The theoretical basis consists of the works of Ukrainian and foreign experts in the field of political linguistics and political discourse (A.P. Chudinov, E.I. Sheigal), the theory of rhetoric (T.V. Nagorskaya, M.A. Chekunova), the genre of public speech (M.O. Didenko, M.S. Dorofeeva, H. Shoyrle), the theory of stylistic figures (I.N. Cheplygina, I.I. Radchenko, K.A. Kiyanova), functional stylistics (I.Y. Kovalchuk, A.P. Skovorodnikov). It is pointed out that each of the analyzed figurative language expressions has significant opportunities to clarify the pragmatic intentions of the speaker, as well as to strengthen the influence of the speaker on the audience. The validity of the obtained results is ensured by a significant number of analyzed German examples (over 400 language units), using of complex methods of analysis, involving modern communicative-pragmatic, discursive methods and their combination with traditional descriptive techniques.


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Sokolova, O. V. (2020). STYLISTICS OF THE OFFICIAL SPEECHES OF A. MERKEL. New Philology, 2(80), 235-242.

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